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Many things affect how we feel. Through our fellow human beings, through nature, through our clothing, and not insignificantly through the furnishings. Whether in the office, in a restaurant or in a hotel. As urban people who travel a lot, a home as a retreat to recharge your batteries is becoming increasingly important. Because only a satisfied person can find a comfortable chair.


The climate in Scandinavia may be cool and harsh, but the furniture with its timeless design reflects exactly the opposite. Traditional craftsmanship in perfection paired with innovative manufacturing methods make furnishings possible, that we enjoy for a long time. Design furniture from the far north that is above all: comfortable.


nelom creates this feeling of living and, together with its partners, offers you high quality, functionality and tasteful design for every room. We offer Scandinavian interiors in Austria and some neighbouring countries both for the contract sector and for private customers and are happy to fulfill individual wishes together with our flexible lighting and furniture manufacturers from Scandinavia.


Enjoy our website, which offers a large selection of our manufacturers, and we look forward hearing from you.

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